Collectibles could mean almost anything, but I guess thats what this stuff is.
These "action flats" were made for Topps. Actually, there were a whole seasons worth for baseball and football, with a few for hockey and soccer thrown in. The sports figures were 2 1/2 inches tall, and made like 2 sided low reliefs, in that they were no more than 1/4" thick. They were done from photos, and sculpted actual size. The two wrestlers were sculpted at 5" to be reduced at manufacture
And then something a little more cute. These resin figures were done for United Designs.
Of course, wherre would the world of collectibles be without the comic and videogame industies? This first one was for the comic "Darkchylde".


These were for vinyl figurines for the "Final Fantasy IX" video game.


And finally, a few bits from the resin mini-busts for the "Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within" movie. More pics soon.


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